DXA433U’s patented design is changing the game for LandCruiser alternators, offering a quick and easy solution to switching regulator type within the alternator.

Toyota LandCruiser 79, 80 & 100 Series traditionally required one of two identical looking alternators, both with different regulator functions. These alternators were easily confused and, in some cases, incorrect units were installed in vehicles which resulted in vehicle electrical faults.

Power to the “L” terminal, utilises an active warning light circuit to drive a glow plug relay / control relay. Whereas no power to the “L” terminal, with an inactive warning light circuit does not drive a glow plug relay /control relay. In the past, if the wrong alternator was purchased and a fault was showing, an additional regulator was required.

This was not only an added expense, but caused significant delays sourcing regulators, increased the warranty claims on items that were working as they should and required extra labor hours to remove, fit the new regulator and re-fit the alternator. DXA433U was developed to overcome this challenge.

Now with the simple removal of a screw, the alternatorcan change from the default setting of active to an inactive warning light function. See the process here.

This revolutionary design is simple and effective, saving hours in the workshop and avoiding the possible installation of the incorrect regulator.

The DXA433U alternator is available from Ashdown-Ingram and leading OEX distributors.

For more information including vehicle specifics and wiring diagrams, click here to read the new product release or watch the YouTube video here.