Through innovation and proven reliability, OEX switches have been the switch of choice for automotive electrical specialists since 1997.

Whether they’re toggles, rockers, push-buttons or emergency switches, switches are found in just about every 12-volt electrical system. To understand the basics of electrical switches, it’s important to understand which switch is required for each required application.

OEX has a range of configurations including normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), momentary (MOM) and change over (CO).

Common types of 12 volt electrical switches:

Rocker switches:

Rocker switches have many applications however are commonly used in automotive and marine applications. With a wide range of specific uses, they can be illuminated to indicate the on/off status making them perfect for dashboard functions. OEX’s range of rocker switches feature blank and labelled functions suitable for light and auxiliary accessories.


An ignition switch, starter switch or start switch is a switch in the control system of a motor vehicle that operates the main electrical systems for the vehicle. This operation includes vehicle accessories such as radio, power windows and other auxiliary items you may have wired up.

Power window switch

Gone are the days of hand-crank window winders! OEX has designed the perfect OE fit power window switch to suit BA-BF Ford Falcon 4 door passenger vehicles.

Emergency stop (SPST)

An emergency stop push button switch is a fail-sale control that provides both safety for the machinery and the person using it. The purpose of the emergency stop button is to stop machinery quickly when there is a risk of injury. This type of switch is most commonly used in commercial applications including work sites or large machinery.

Head lamp switch (SPDT)

The head lamp switch is also commonly referred to as the dimmer switch. The switch is responsible for controlling a vehicles automotive headlight function. These switches are designed for the perfect OE fit for a range of vehicle applications.

Push button switch off (SPST)

The name suggests it all, this type of switch operates when activated by a push. These types of switches are most commonly seen in automotive horns and car doors.


Push-Pull switches

Push-pull switches are used in hostile environments. You can select single pole single throw switches or single pole double throw switches and control one circuit or two by engaging each alternatively from a single feed.

Toggle switches

OEX’s toggle switch range are manually activated by a lever or another mechanism. While this switch is used for the basic light switch they can also be utilized in commercial vehicle applications.

Micro switches

Micro switches are mechanically operated electrical switched designed with an actuator and terminals called common, normally open and normally closed. Micro switches are often referred known as snap action switches and they operate by using a spring loaded level to pen and close a set of internal contacts inside the unit.

The required application for a switch may change between the automotive and mechanical environment however the quality of OEX’s range doesn’t. For more information on OEX’s range of switches click here.