An alternator for the serious off roader

For years, Nissan Navara and Patrols have had very similar alternators fitted. The main difference was the B positive terminal position. Due to the confined space and position of the engine components, only a unit with the correct B positive would fit which can be confusing and time consuming. OEX now have a patent [...]

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The right switch for the right job

Through innovation and proven reliability, OEX switches have been the switch of choice for automotive electrical specialists since 1997. Whether they’re toggles, rockers, push-buttons or emergency switches, switches are found in just about every 12-volt electrical system. To understand the basics of electrical switches, it’s important to understand which switch is required for each required [...]

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OEX Water Cooled Alternators

Toyota Landcruiser owners may require a sealed water cooled unit for V8 Toyota diesel engines which will be more suitable to handle serious off road conditions. Automotive technicians will know that due to the very specific application and extremely tight installation area, different alternators are required for 70, 79 and 200 Series diesel Landcruisers. Toyota [...]

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Creating a long lasting connection

Whilst OEX has earnt a reputation in Australia and New Zealand among auto electrical and thermal specialists, our range also extends a complete range of cable, lighting and switches. Cable: OEX as a variety of cable to suit every application with 1-7 core cable, battery cable, tinned for marine use, speaker cable and Suzi Coils [...]

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OEX Game Changer

DXA433U’s patented design is changing the game for LandCruiser alternators, offering a quick and easy solution to switching regulator type within the alternator. Toyota LandCruiser 79, 80 & 100 Series traditionally required one of two identical looking alternators, both with different regulator functions. These alternators were easily confused and, in some cases, incorrect units were [...]

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The perils of counterfeit parts

In a report released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), it has been revealed that in the past two years over 6,000 counterfeit automotive parts that were attempted to be imported into Australia have been seized by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The value of the seized parts totals over $550,000, [...]

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The hidden costs of rebuilding

The days of repairing starters, alternators and other parts are far behind us, with reliable, low cost products making replacement the faster, more affordable and more profitable option. On the surface it can appear to be cheaper to repair broken parts, with common spares costing only a fraction of the cost of a new unit. [...]

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