Toyota Landcruiser owners may require a sealed water cooled unit for V8 Toyota diesel engines which will be more suitable to handle serious off road conditions.

Automotive technicians will know that due to the very specific application and extremely tight installation area, different alternators are required for 70, 79 and 200 Series diesel Landcruisers.

Toyota Landcruisers engines can be delivered from factory as a Single Turbo Diesel (STD) used in the 70-79 Series Workmate, GX and GXL configurations. Additionally it can be delivered as a Twin Turbo Diesel (TTD) as seen in the 200 Series GX, GXL, VX and Sahara. Whilst engines are similar, the area for installation is vastly different due to chassis changes and the turbo configuration.

OEX will now offer dedicated part numbers for these vehicle specific applications making it easier to identify the part you need the first time.

DXA570WC-79 will cover all 70 Series applications (STD)

DXA750WC-200 will cover all 200 Series applications (TTD)

These units should be installed for customers that require performance, reliability and also help avoid complicated maintenance procedures. With the DXA570WC-79 and DXA570WC-200, OEX truly does have the right unit for the right application.

OEX is pleased to announce that these units will be available from your local OEX distributor very soon! Keep an eye out for official launch date to come!

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