Whilst OEX has earnt a reputation in Australia and New Zealand among auto electrical and thermal specialists, our range also extends a complete range of cable, lighting and switches.


OEX as a variety of cable to suit every application with 1-7 core cable, battery cable, tinned for marine use, speaker cable and Suzi Coils within the range. Through stringent product testing, OEX cable has an oxygen content of less than five parts per million, making it 99.9% oxygen free.

Oxygen free copper wire for automotive electronics offers the best conductivity vs cost and is the most common in the industry. It is important to know the materials of the wire you’re purchasing as there are cheaper and lighter aluminium cabling wire out in the market that have a copper coating to make it appear as if it is made of copper. Whilst this alternative is cheaper, aluminium has approximately ½ the current capability of copper wire. With more resistance building up in the wire, you will get more heat build-up.


The OEX range also extends it’s expertise to LED and Halogen lighting solutions for workshops and vehicles including globes, strobes and truck/trailer lighting. Whilst LED technology is the latest buzz, some vehicles still require Halogen options. OEX offers an extensive range of Halogen lighting options to suit a range of vehicle applications.

OEX’s lighting range offers exceptional light output for a range of vehicle and marine applications. Whether it’s for a heavy duty road train requiring reliable beacons & strobes or a recreational 4WD requiring LED strip lighting, OEX has you covered.

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