The days of repairing starters, alternators and other parts are far behind us, with reliable, low cost products making replacement the faster, more affordable and more profitable option.

On the surface it can appear to be cheaper to repair broken parts, with common spares costing only a fraction of the cost of a new unit. But it’s the cost of labour and the uncertainty of the integrity of the unit which remains an issue.

Renato Russoniello, Ashdown-Ingram Category Manager – Alternators and Starter Motors, says these days it’s just not worth the hassle of repairing. “When repairing inside of an alternator or starter, it opens up a world of potential problems which brings on a range of new and unforeseen costs.

“Not only can you accidentally break something else such as a housing or internal part, you may discover more problems. The cost of removing the unit, problem solving, sourcing and installing spare parts can be demanding on your time and is often under quoted,” he said.

Customers can think you’re doing them a favour by keeping costs down by repairing instead of replacing with new, but it really is in the customer’s best interest to replace instead of repair.

“Admittedly many vehicles need specific units which can come at a price but knowing the replacement is covered by warranty, hasn’t been interfered with and is free from existing hidden problems provides a better service experience for your customers”, Mr Russoniello said.

For almost 20 years, OEX has been the specialist’s choice in starter motors and alternators. Renowned for quality and reliability, the cost of a new and complete OEX unit can be comparable to the cost of your time sourcing and repairing an existing part.

Even if you are contractually obliged to use original equipment, the right products from Bosch, Leece Neville, Delco Remy, Denso and Mitsubishi Electric will provide customers – and automotive specialists – greater peace of mind while on the road.

For more information on how new parts from the world’s leading automotive brands can benefit your next job, contact your local Ashdown-Ingram branch today.